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Benkenstrasse 254
CH - 4108 Witterswil
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IQChem Inc. is a custom R&D, manufacturing and consulting enterprise for high value, high quality chemicals, based in Switzerland.
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is a Swiss (Basel) based enterprise specialised in the supply and consultancy of pigments, dyestuffs, additives and other specialty chemicals. IQChem Inc. was founded in 2000 comprising several senior executives from the specialty chemical sector with 25 years and more of experience.

Sourcing and marketing of best value in price pigments, dyestuffs and additives.Our screening laboratory in Witterswil/Switzerland and the centralised European warehouse in Germany are ensuring a high service level.

  • Accross the whole supply chain of speciality chemicals from custom R&D, manufacturing up to worldwide marketing

  • Sourcing and Marketing of speciality chemicals

Service Provider
  • In the field of safety and toxicology (REACH, GHS)
  • Screening laboratory for pigments

Our main Activities in consulting are:

  • Research, development and manufacture of high-tech, specialty and fine chemicals.
  • Scouting and development of emerging technologies in collaboration with industrial and academic centres of experties, and technology "incubators".
  • Technical consulting in high-tech and specialty chemicals.
  • Marketing of selected specialty and fine chemicals (mainly high value, low volume, niche products).

Our collaboration areas

  • Strategic management of R&D:
    • Analysis of R&D project and technology portfolio
    • Guidance in defining technology strategies
    • Recommendation for strategic allocation of R&D resources
  • Technical consulting in areas of our core competence
  • New business development, especially in the area of functional chemicals and materials
  • Custom R&D and manufacture of speciality intermediates and finished products
  • Ad interim leadership for start-up technology products
  • to serve our customers with best value product
  • we develop together with our partners High Performance Pigments
  • our worldwide sourcing network ensures a regular product supply
  • our customers can buy powder pigments as well as Single Pigment Concentrations (SPC)
  • to maintain a constant "up-to-standard" quality, we have installed an own laboratory in Switzerland
  • experienced and successful marketing and sales network (direct contacts or trough sales partners in important countries)
  • European warehouse to serve our customers with just-in-time deliveries.
  • Small quantities get the same attention as big orders!
  • Strong experiential and intellectual capabilities in technical innovation and skills management.
  • Broad (managerial, strategic, and technical) R&D expertise in chemistry and chemical technology, especially in organic chromophores and "light management"
  • Extensive global networking and relationships with industrial and academic institutions.
  • Access to economic ISO certified facilities for R&D and manufacturing in emerging countries.
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